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Learning to eat Gluten Free

Coeliac diagnosis in children

Has your child been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease! What next?

What does it mean for your child

Coeliac Disease is a serious diagnosis and it means that the family will need to make some permanent changes. Thankfully, Coeliac Disease is much more manageable than it used to be.

Everywhere you look there are Gluten Free products. However, it is much more than simply swapping over to Gluten Free products. I can support and guide your family to ensure your child is adhering to a strict Gluten Free diet for life, and successfully managing Coeliac Disease.

During a consult you will learn about:

  • Label reading
  • Meal Planning
  • How to meet nutrient requirements while on gluten free diet
  • The importance of making permanent dietary changes
  • Meal planning
  • Eating Out
  • Recipes
  • How to avoid cross contamination when at home

I also have Coeliac Disease, so I literally feel your pain!

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