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Weight Management

Over or Under weight for babies, toddlers, school aged children and teenagers

Children grow at different rates, and come in shapes and sizes. This is what makes us unique and individual, and it is a beautiful thing.

As children grow, they have different nutrient requirements, and their need to eat a certain amount of food from the 5 Core Food Groups will change depending on their age. Some children are constantly hungry, whereas other children don’t always recognise their hunger and can go all day without eating. Some children love food and other children need to be prompted to eat. None of this is necessarily a problem, unless your child is exceeding or not meeting their energy requirements.

If you are concerned that your child is eating too much and gaining weight rapidly, or that your child is not eating enough needed for optimal weight gain, then it sounds like you and your child would benefit from a Paediatric Dietitian consultation.

A consultation with Melanie involves a thorough assessment of physical activity, medical history, dietary intake and family meals. Based on the outcome of the assessment I will provide a plan and recommendations that are family-centred and based your individual needs. I am very sensitive about body image and I promise to be gentle, but motivating.

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